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    优选彩票网 About Me Gallery Products Contact

    Natural HARDWOODS:

    Black Walnut

    Mexican Bocote

    Walnut / Cherry

    Spalted Maple

    DymondWood (aka “uno”):




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    If you knit socks, hats, or mittens with double-point needles, you know the heart-break of finding that stitches have dropped off in between your knitting sessions!! This handy device keeps them where they belong, while your hands do other things.

    I turn this very useful storage gizmo out of natural hardwoods, and (until exhausted) DymondWood (which I also now call “UN-obtainium”).

      Stretch the caps apart and tuck clustered needle tips inside.

    Hardwood (mostly North American) — $23

    DymondWood (“UN-obtainium”) — $32

      Set of five #3 (3.25mm) bamboo needles — $3 additional

      (Needles sold only with purchase of End Caps)

    Double-Point End Caps

    (Knitting needles not sold separately.)

    Revised 1223-3