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    wood seam ripper banner colored laminate turning by Cynthia优选彩票网About MeGalleryProductsContact

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    优选彩票网 About Me Gallery Products Contact

    Solid DymondWood


    (Click image to enlarge; click return arrow to come back.)

    DymondWood - “Terracotta”

    DymondWood - “Primary”

    DymondWood - “Rose”

    DymondWood - “Sunshine”

    DymondWood - “Niobe”

    DymondWood - “Paris”

    DymondWood - “Smokey”

    DymondWood - “Sunshine”

    You may note a reduction in the price of my new spirals, which is a result of improvements in my production flow.

     thods. Yay!!





    One pin holds it all… No kidding! Whether your hair is thick or thin,

    if you can curl it into a full loop, you should be able to keep it up

    with one of my unique hair pins. (These measure ~5-6” long, overall.)

    I turn these one-of-a-kind treasures freehand on the lathe, so no two

    are identical. Carved from a waterproof block of dyed, birch laminate called “DymondWood” which is now ‘extinct’ and so extremely limited.

    Comes with instructional guidelines for use. Success is guaranteed, with practice… practice… practice…  after which, enjoy the compliments!

    STANDARD Hairpin — $24

    Full SPIRAL Hairpin — $39

    Spiral Stem with Crown Finial — $45 and up

    (Spirals provide the BEST grip on your hair!)

    Apologies to my European customers who may be disappointed

    to learn that shipping outside the USA is unavailable.

    Revised 20190708