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    wood seam ripper banner colored laminate turning by Cynthia优选彩票网About MeGalleryProductsContact

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    优选彩票网 About Me Gallery Products Contact

    One Magne-Dot has the power to manage the mayhem on the front of your fridge! Well,

    not really. But these cute little wooden handles (~1" tall) have many, many uses, thanks to

    the super strong magnet embedded in their base. Originally designed for

    keeping my potholders handy, or to hold special messages on the fridge,

    they also make a great gift for quilters – to use as a rotary blade lifter!

    Click blade image for current review by expert, ChrisQuilts!

    Your purchases process quickly if you choose by wood type/color and let me select your individual Dot. I turn all of them individually, so photographing each and every one is unworkable. Rest assured, satisfaction is guaranteed!

    All Dots will look slightly different, front vs back, due to their hand-crafted nature.

    See front/back samples of two color blends – “Seashore” and “Paris” – linked below.

    Natural Hardwood Dots: $10 ea

    DymondWood (aka “UN-obtainium”) Dots: $12 ea


    Updated 20190701

    My free-hand turning of Magne-Dots will yield a variety of mostly-subtle differences in shape and appearance, including height, width, roundedness or pointy-ness of top knob, sloping of cove cuts, number and width of bead cuts, etc. If you have a serious preference (for or against any of these features) please express this to me in a note, prior to making your purchase. Otherwise, I hope you will like the one(s) I select…

    These are SAMPLES only–-NOT the actual items being sent!


    ADD to CART by clicking on name of the item you want.

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    to be sure you are seeing

    up-to-date listings!