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    wood seam ripper banner colored laminate turning by Cynthia优选彩票网About MeGalleryProductsContact

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    优选彩票网 About Me Gallery Products Contact

    For Mobile Device and Tablet users, if you do not see a slide show gallery here, it’s because Flash Player is not supported. Please click my logo at left to be taken to a photo album instead, where you can see several vintage images of Wood Turnings by Cynthia.


    Turning colorful wood into useful, beautiful tools has been my passion and sole support since 1978.

    The summer of '75, I took a casual drive out west. I wasn't intending to stay, but did so for three-plus decades. My life turned away from corporate office jobs, and instead, along the handcrafted path of creativity.

    After graduating in Creative Arts ~ Interdisciplinary from San Francisco State University (1978), I drew on my independence, inspired by dad's skill and mom's art, and began my career as a "Street Artist" in Berkeley, California. Many fine art and craft fairs followed.

    In 2008, I returned to NH to care for my elderly parents, coincidentally finding a niche for my handcrafted tools within the local fiber arts community and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. My work (especially seam ripper, scissor pendant, and edge presser tool) has been recognized for its style and uniqueness in several magazines of the trade! I'm thrilled that in some small way my work supports the creative expression of others.

    Using composites of dyed Northern Birch (ideally suited to my craft), as well as natural, mostly domestic hardwoods, I also take a tiny stand in defense of Mother Nature's rainforest and wildlife habitats.


    Woodturner, craft artist, photographer, web-designer, writer.

    Link to Photo Album (instead of Flash Player)