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    wood seam ripper banner colored laminate turning by Cynthia优选彩票网About MeGalleryProductsContact

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    优选彩票网 About Me Gallery Products Contact

    I purchased one [seam ripper] and it's still my favorite. It's beautiful, was sharp when I received it and it's still sharp. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another. Because it's my favorite, I take very good care of it and have never misplaced it.

    Tina D.


    Writing Accessories

     Cross-type Pen

     Magnetic Fridge Pen

     Calligraphy Pen

      Pen Refill Information

    Pen Refills

    Modern technology aside, handwriting will endure. Authors to Zentanglers will enjoy it more using one of my unique, handcrafted writing instruments!

    fridge_pens Calligraphy_Pens

    Whether you are a quilt maker or a seamstress, do embroidery, cross-stitch or needlepoint, crochet or knit, or hook rugs, there is a special gift for you here!

    Sewing Essentials

     Magnetic Scissor Pendant

     Pin Control

     Stiletto ~ Laying Tool

     Seam Ripper

    scissor_pendants Seam_Rippers_WOODbyC Pin Control Stilettos

     Discontinued. Letter Opener


    Discontinued. Tinkle Bells


    Other Wooden Goodies

    The first wooden “tool” I ever made was a hairpin (necessary to keep my locks out of the machinery). Here are others:



     Dbl-Pt Knitting End Caps


    Magnetic Fridge Vases

    Fridge Vases



     Rug Hook ~ Crochet Hook

    Wood Choices...

    My wood supplier (Rutland VT Plywood) is now out of the laminating business, following a catastrophic fire in 2014.

    I’m redesigning my line of tools and accessories to feature natural, mostly North American hardwoods, sometimes with nuggets of leftover DymondWood inlaid as a colorful accent. Stay

    tuned for these new “hybrid” styles!